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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Food Chain form is just pointless -- ICMSA

The Food Chain Information document which is now required for all cattle going for slaughter has been described as another pointless piece of paperwork by Kevin Connolly, chairperson of ICMSA's beef and cattle committee.

"Unless the farmer has this form completed, his or her cattle will not be slaughtered and this is just plainly ridiculous," Mr Connolly stated.

"The form is just another layer of useless bureauracy that demands that the farmer confirms that he or she is meeting certain requirements that are already being checked before an animal is slaughtered or checked through post-slaughter testing.

"Farmers are absolutely sick and tired of pointless regulations and paperwork requirements, and this form is just another example of needless paperwork and bureaucracy for bureaucracy's sake."

Mr Connolly said that if this was the simplification of the paperwork process promised by the Department and the EU Commission then he'd hate to see those bodies trying to complicate the system.

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