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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Fodder prices back on last year

It's now a buyer's market for fodder
It's now a buyer's market for fodder
Louise Hogan

Louise Hogan

A glut of hay and silage on the ground has resulted in a buyers' market, with prices back on last year.

After two good summers for fodder, some farmers are reporting little interest on the part of purchasers with old stock still in yards and barns throughout the country.

Prices for good quality round bales of hay and silage vary widely, with sellers also trying to entice buyers by offering reductions for large volumes.

One seller in Co Galway, who commanded €25 for a bale of silage in previous years, expects prices to be back by around €3 a bale this year. However, he reported the costs of making silage had also dropped slightly.

In the Newcastle West area of Co Limerick, another farmer reported little interest in bales of good quality silage for €20 and he felt there was simply too much fodder on the market.

Farmers with barns packed with hay were also reporting limited demand at the moment.

A Wexford farmer sold hay direct from the field for €20 but said he fetched €25 other years.

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