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Saturday 20 January 2018

Flying pigs leave UK consumers in a stew

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

Pigs can fly, if the results of a recent British meat survey are to be believed.

Three out of 10 British adults surveyed admitted they thought chicken chops were real, while two out of 10 thought wing of pork, leg of liver and lamb drumstick were cuts of meat they could buy at their local butcher's shop.

Twenty percent of the 1,000 consumers quizzed in the Meat Trades Journal survey thought tofu and tofu ribs were meat-based delicacies, while two out of 10 failed to identify shin of beef as a real cut of meat.

The consumers' confusion continued further, with at least one in 20 people saying there was no meat in haggis, game pie or oxtail.

However, Irish butchers insist that consumers here would never make the same mistakes as their British counterparts.

"Irish people are closer to the land and are much more tuned in to where their food comes from," said Dave Lang, the development manager of Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland.

"They eat meat every day and have a healthy respect for the meat they buy and where they buy it."

Mr Lang added that Irish people were buying more cuts of meat for long, slow cooking as a result of the recession but footfall at the butchers was holding steady.

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