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Wednesday 25 April 2018

Flies could aid food costs woe

Mark Keenan

Mark Keenan

THE common housefly could hold the key to cutting the cost of livestock feed for Ireland's farmers, say scientists working on a new €3m EU programme to investigate the potential of farming insects as feed protein for chickens, pigs and fish.

The European research team will be consulting with experts in Mali and China – countries which have already made advances in farming insects for protein feed products.

The project leaders say their biggest challenges will be finding a maggot farming process which will enable the larvae to be harvested in cost effective numbers.

Next comes altering existing EU regulations which strictly prohibit the involvement of insects in the human food chain.

British-based entomologist and food safety expert Dr Elaine Fitches of PROteINECT said the most suitable insect to use in Europe would be the common house fly.

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