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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Fleury case against Minister struck out

Darragh McCullough

Darragh McCullough

Cattle exporter, John Fleury's attempt to sue the Minister for Agriculture has been struck out of the High Court on the grounds of delay.

Judge Kevin Feeney ruled that the Statement of Claim for over €7.5m being delivered by Mr Fleury 12 years after the incident constituted an inordinate and inexcusable delay.

Reacting to the decision, a spokesman for the Department of Agriculture said that it welcomed the judgement. "Had this case proceeded to trial, State Council indicated at the hearing that the case would have been vigorously defended," he said.

"The allegations made by Mr Fleury against officials of the Department were also made in the context of a court case in 2006.

"The trial judge, when delivering its decision in favour of the Department in that case commented that the allegations represented an attempt at character assassination for which no evidence had been presented."

Mr Fleury said that while the High Court still had to officially rule on the case, his legal team had advised him that he still had lots of options open to him to pursue this case further.

"We're going to stay going, if necessary all the way to the Court of Human Rights," he said.

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