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Flashpoint as Dillon defends signs

Former IFA president John Dillon has accused Limerick Co Council of trying to "mug" him after they sought to have flashing election signs removed.

Mr Dillon, who is running as an independent candidate in the Limerick County Dail constituency election, said he was being discriminated against after Limerick Co Council ordered his team to remove a number of electronic flashing signs supporting his campaign.

However, Gerry Behan, director of services at Limerick Co Council, refuted any allegation that Mr Dillon was being singled out for special attention.

Mr Behan claimed the signs were placed close to national primary roads where the traffic was moving at high speed, while another was on a regional road at a bad bend.

"All of those flashing signs that I had seen were at critical locations and they could certainly cause a problem," Mr Behan said.

But Mr Dillon said that he had "no notion" of removing the signs.

"They [the county council] told me that they were not safe but you can see the same type of signs saying 'low aircraft flying' and other things being used on the roads the whole time.

"Other candidates in the European election had them. In my view, looking for me to remove them is only supporting the current regime and keeping down the independents. They are trying to mug me," Mr Dillon claimed.


Meanwhile, Mr Dillon is to go head-to-head with the main political party candidates in an election debate at Adare, Co Limerick, tonight.

The three Fine Gael candidates, one Fianna Fail candidate, and one Labour candidate have confirmed participation in the debate at the Dunraven Arms Hotel, Adare, with some of the independent candidates also expected to take part.

The meeting has been organised by Limerick IFA to provide farmers in the county with the opportunity of hearing from all parties in the election.

The bookies are offering the following odds on the outcome of the Limerick County election poll: Dan Neville (FG) 1/12; Niall Collins (FF) 1/7; Patrick O'Donovan (FG) 4/9; James Heffernan (Lab) 2/1; John Dillon (Indep) 5/4; and Bill O'Donnell (FG) 5/1.

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