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Firm mart trade witnessed amid drop in numbers

Numbers were down at the various marts during the past week but trade was reported as pretty firm in most places.

The suckler calf trade has held particularly well, with Continental bulls continuing to make €300-400. Friesian bull calves for shipping are selling for €120-150, with stronger types making up to €200 as farmers remain keen at ringside. With the milk year moving on and quota problems mounting, most dairy stock are struggling to exceed €1,000. On the other hand, the suckler cow with a good calf at foot is freely making €1,200-1,500.


The trade at Kilkenny Mart improved this week, especially for forward stores and beef animals. There was also a noticeable increase in the number of customers for lighter stock. Heavy continental steers sold for €1.90-2.06/kg. Forward stores made €1.80-2.05/kg and lighter stores sold for €1.80-2.33/kg. This €2.33/kg was achieved when €700 was paid for a 300kg Limousin bullock.

Beef heifers made €1.60-2.10/kg, while butcher types made €1.50-1.86/kg. Store continental heifers sold for €1.88-2.01/kg. Hereford and Angus types made €1.50-1.60/kg. Well-fleshed Friesian cull cows made up to €1.50/kg, while thinner lots in need of further feeding sold back to €1/kg. Continental cull cows made €1.15-1.60/kg or up to €470 over the weight.

Ballinakill Mart had its smallest sale of the year with 300 cattle on offer. Nice forward heifers held their price fairly well, making in excess of €2/kg. Some good quality store bullocks made over €2/kg. Heavy bullocks sold for €1.70-2.12/kg.


Trade remained strong in all categories at Ballymote Mart, especially for good quality store bullocks. Forward types made €300-665 over, while lighter stores sold for €280-495 over. Heifers under 400kg made €250-430 over, while 400-500kg lots made €250-525 over.

The best heavy bulls in Raphoe made €450-635 over, while beef bullocks sold for €600-670 over and stores made €200-560 over. Well-fleshed heifers sold for €450-565 over and stores made €200-545 over.

At Wexford Farmers' Mart, beef steers made €400-800 over, while the stores sold for €300-660 over. Beef and butcher heifers made €320-700 with their weight and stores sold for €200-600 over. The best cull cows made up to €500 over. Plainer store types sold back to €100 over the weight.

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