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Saturday 24 March 2018

Figures show mixed fortunes at best despite reports from individual marts

Joe Healy

The individual reports from the marts this week are at odds with the Ringside data. While many of the marts reported an improved trade and increased prices, Ringside figures show mixed fortunes at best for the steers and heifers; a poor week for weanling heifers – only the weanling bulls enjoyed reasonably satisfactory results.

The light bulls generally made from €215-285c/kg while the heavier lots sold for 200-265c/kg.

Plainer types made from 144-173c/kg. Weanling heifers varied from 230-285c/kg with the poorer lots selling for 190-205c/kg which in some cases was up to 10c/kg down on the previous week.


Steers under 400kg sold for 215-260c/kg, the 400-500kg lots moved at 200-255c/kg and the 500-600kg steers sold for 195-240c/kg. Heavier types made from 190-225c/kg.

The more dairy-bred bullocks made from 147-158c/kg. Heifers over 500kg were moving at 200-240c/kg. Lighter lots ranged from 210-260c/kg. The plainer lots sold for 176-196c/kg on average.

Suck calves sold well during the week especially the better type continental bull and heifer with €300-450 a common range for a lot of calves.

The sale at Ballinakill was described as small but dear with the steers reportedly up by €20-30 and heifers improved by as much as €50/hd in cases. Heavy steers were selling for €1.80-2.30/kg.

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Top class bulls over 600 kgs made from €590-705 over the weight at Raphoe. Beef bullocks ranged from €335-845 over.

Stores sold for €280-788 with the €/kg. A big variance in the quality of the cull cows was reflected prices ranging from €800-2,060.

Friesian bullocks in Kilkenny were very difficult to sell, but quality continental bullocks sold well, especially the lighter types.

There were 1,240 cattle on offer and steers over 500kg made from €1.50-2.60/kg or €600-900 with the €/kg.

Trade improved by €10-20/hd at Ennis Mart where there were 1,000 lots on offer and plenty of customers.

Store bullocks met with a strong trade with 450-600kgs two-year-old bullocks highly sought after while demand for overage cattle also improved.


Dowra had 610 cattle on offer and trade was improved from the previous week.

Weanling bulls under 300 kg made from €1.80-3.00/kg with the fancy lots selling at up to €3.60/kg.

Bullocks under 400kg in Ballymote made from €320-600 over their weight.

Lots between 400-500kg made from €380-785 over.

Store bullocks were up €20/hd on the previous week at Balla. Stores around the 400kg made from €1.41-3.38/kg.

Freshly calved dairy heifers sold for €1,050-1,400 at Carnew which had a large entry of 750 cattle and 130 calves, and reported a very strong trade with quality store cattle up by €30-50/hd.

Friesian suck calves at Mayo/Sligo Mart sold for €40-90.

Continental bull calves made from €355-600 with the heifers selling for €265-455/hd.

Continental steers over 600kg at Tuam made from €2.06-2.31/kg. Coloured heifers sold for €2.13-2.58/kg.

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