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Monday 20 November 2017

Fendt continues to increase market share especially in high-power sector

Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Fendt continues to grow its market share in both Ireland and Britain, despite both countries seeing substantial declines in total tractor sales in recent years.

In Ireland, where the total market has fallen by 58pc in the past five years, Fendt has increased its share by nearly a third – up to 2.5pc of all registrations.

In Britain, Fendt has doubled its market share over the past five years to 5.1pc, while overall tractor sales fell by 16pc during the same period in Britain.

The premium brand also remains the market leader in the high-power bracket, accounting for more than 25pc of the expanding plus-200hp bracket.

"Fendt is seen as a safe bet and a sound investment," claims Richard Shelton, sales manager for Ireland and Britain. "Buyers know that the tractors offer the highest fuel efficiency, reliable operation and solid residual values.

"It's been proven time after time that Fendt has the lowest overall operating costs.

"In the past contractors and contract farming operators who look closely at costs made up the mainstay of Fendt sales.

"But now farmers in all sectors are becoming more professional and, in the face of volatile markets, are also looking to improve efficiency."

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