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Sunday 21 January 2018

Female animals meet good trade as prices improve at most marts

Joe Healy

PRICES improved across the board at the country's sheep marts this week.

All female stock met with a great trade, especially the younger types suitable for breeding.

The cull trade has also recovered after its short-lived blip. Any old ewe with a bit of flesh is making more than €100/hd.

The exporters are exerting pressure on the factories, with the farmer winning as a result of an improved trade for lambs and, in turn, the store trade has picked up quite a lot.

Baltinglass Mart reported a strong trade and larger numbers of sheep and buyers.

Lambs up to 40kg made €37-€42 over the weight, while the 45-50kg lambs made €40-€45 over. Ewe lambs made up to €98/hd. Store lambs were in good demand and made €30-€37 over. Cull ewes ranged from €80-100/hd.

In the breeding ewe section, three- and four-year-olds made €80-100/hd, while hoggets sold for €120-135/hd.

The ewe breeders' annual show and sale takes place at Baltinglass Mart on Saturday, August 7.

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There was an excellent trade for all classes of sheep in Mountbellew Mart.

Store lambs improved by €5-8/hd to sell from €65-80. Shippers gave from €80-90 for the good 40kg lamb. Factory lambs made €85-96/hd, while the butcher lambs sold for €96-110.

Good farmer interest saw the nice ewe lambs sell for €80-103/hd. It was a similar story with the breeding ewes, which resulted in prices from €95-254/hd.

Despite the big increase in sheep numbers on offer at Wexford Mart, which had 1,850 this week, prices were up across the board. Butcher and factory lambs sold for €84-105/hd or €42-54 over the weight. Store lambs made €35-46 over, and up to a top price of €82/hd. Cast ewes varied from €49-109 depending on flesh.

Prices for hogget ewes ranged from €124-161, while the older ewes for breeding sold for €86-129/hd.

Pedigree rams made €220-485, while the commercial types sold for €175-335/hd.

Maam Cross reported a near full clearance for store lambs and all types of ewes. Prices were a little tougher than last week. Cross-bred lambs made €50-72, while the Blackface lambs sold for €35-62. Aged ewes sold for €35-75, while the ewe hoggets made €65-94/hd.

Due to the large numbers of sheep, the mart is moving its cattle sale to Mondays, with the next sale on Monday, August 2 at 11am.

Yesterday's sale in Athenry was much smaller than last week but prices were strong, with the nicely fleshed heavier types between 48-53kg making €50-62 over. One of the top prices was €115 for 53kg stock. Lighter lambs from 38-43kg sold for €40-50 over.

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