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Sunday 25 February 2018

Fella's trailed mower rolls out improved range of features for efficient farmers

Derek Casey

Derek Casey

As we approach second-cut silage time Fella is launching a new 3m SM3065 trailed mower conditioner that the firm claims is a clean-sheet design.

The mower introduces a range of features including a centre-pivot drawbar, heavy duty transport chassis frame and Fella's patented drive guard protection system.

"A central-pivoting drawbar provides the advantage of being able to operate to the left and right, like a reversible plough," says David Blackwood, Fella's export area manager.

"This brings a number of benefits. For a start you don't have to work in lands.

"This increases field efficiency because there is no time wasted driving to the next bout and it reduces the amount of short-work.

"It also cuts headland compaction because the ground is only driven over once."

Prototypes of the Fella SM 3065 T have been on test for the past three years and have worked in heavy grass crops.

A prototype, disguised as a current machine, was even at work at last year's Welsh grassland event and unsurprisingly Fella claims it was one of few mowers able to cope in the wet conditions and continue to cut all day.

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Drive guard protection

Mounted in a new chassis, the mower bed features Fella's patented shaft drive design to each disc unit. The firm claims this system increases efficiency, with much less power loss across the bed compared with gear trains.

The driveline is protected by Fella's award-winning drive guard overload system. Instead of shear bolts or pins, this simple and handy-looking device uses special external discs fitted to the top of the disc units which transmit the drive from the central shaft to the discs through small shear-point tabs.

Should the discs hit an obstruction, the tabs shear off to protect the driveline.

Replacement simply involves removing a cover, opening a set of bolts that hold the discs in place and slotting in a new disc before replacing and tightening the bolts.

With a socket on a ratchet the process can be accomplished in just a few minutes. As well as being faster and easier to replace, Fella claims the disc-system doesn't cause damage to the driveshaft, unlike shear bolts and pins that elongate their threads and mounting holes and potentially contaminate the oil in the bed.

An all-new chassis supports the mower on its transport wheels, which provide 600mm in lift height for maximum clearance on the headland turns, keeping the bed well above mown swathes.

Integral suspension provides the mower with a generous 400mm of travel in work with the geometry and adjustments allowing operators to set exactly the amount of flotation required to closely follow undulations while preventing the bed from digging in.

The cutting height is infinitely adjustable, and is set without tools to suit all crops and working conditions. The crop is conditioned by Fella's tine on tine rotor design.

The level of conditioning intensity can be altered, without using any tools, to five different settings. Prices start at €26,000 plus VAT.

Transport tedder

Meanwhile, still on silage machinery news, Fella is also launching a new model to add to its transport tedder range.

The TH 11008 Trans tedder is the second model in Fella's transport range, which has established a good reputation for strong performance and ease of use among Irish farmers.

The 10.2m working width machine – equipped with eight rotors, each fitted with six arms – is designed to combine in-field performance with ease of transport. Like the larger TH 13010 Trans model, the new machine is mounted on a fast chassis which is rated for use at speeds of up to 50kph. The tedder has an overall transport length of 5.7m.

This is achieved using Fella's double-folding system that allows both sides of the tedder to fold in half, and then half again, before lying lengthways along the chassis for transport.

This folding arrangement along the chassis provides the extra advantage of reducing the drawbar load, allowing smaller, lighter tractors to be used for tedding, which helps reduce operating costs.

In work, a headland function on the new fast chassis maintains the rotors in the horizontal position, while keeping them completely clear of the crop during the turn.

This prevents over-working on the ends and helps improve field work by making it easier to reverse into corners and negotiate obstacles.

The transport wheels on the chassis also act as guide wheels in work, helping the wide machine to closely follow and adapt to ground contours. Fella claims this protects the sward and reduces swath contamination.

Pricing for the new Trans tedder start at €17,500 plus VAT. Fella equipment is distributed in Ireland by Farmec Ltd of Clonross, Co Meath.

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