Farm Ireland

Friday 23 February 2018

Fat-score cattle concessions to continue

Martin Ryan

The concession on fat scores 4= and 4+ on cattle at the factories has been further extended by the beef processors as discussions continue with the IFA on the overall changes to the quality payment system (QPS) for cattle.

The additional penalty of 6c/kg on 4= fat score cattle was due to be applied with effect from yesterday. It would have resulted in an average reduction of €20-25/hd on steers killed in the factories.

A spokesperson for Meat Industry Ireland (MII) confirmed that negotiations on the “permanent changes” to the grade/price structure were still ongoing.

“Possible permanent changes to the QPS are still being discussed but as yet nothing has been concluded. In this context, there are no changes to the current QPS from November 1,” the MII spokesman said.

The concession on 4+ cattle, which was extended from June, also remains in place.

Arising from widespread opposition by farmers to elements of the QPS, the IFA is seeking a number of changes to the payment grid.

Reduced penalties on 4= and 4+ cattle are among the demands by the association in the ongoing negotiations.

It is understood that the processors are also demanding that the QPS be extended to include bulls and cows in 2011.

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