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Farming apps: 10 must have tools for today's farmer


The home screen on the Department of Agriculture's new Beef Pricewatch app

The home screen on the Department of Agriculture's new Beef Pricewatch app


AS technology increasingly becomes part of farming life, here are ten must have apps:

1 Beef Pricewatch

Launched by the Minister of Agriculture, Simon Coveney, this app for meat prices is a handy tool for all Irish beef farmers. The app provides the weekly national and the factory level prices for Steers, Heifers and Young and Old Bulls, allowing farmers to know the exact value of their animals.

2 Bayer Weed Spotter

This app is an essential for arable farmers. Bayer's app is comprised of over 100 images of individual weed and crop deficiencies and with detailed information of the problem, including why it occurred and how to get rid of it, Weed Spotter is the perfect way to ensure diseased crops are a thing of the past.

3 MooMonitor

The MooMonitor app is a huge time saver for farmers with large herds of cow. The app tracks when a cow is on heat by using heat detection collars and alerting the farmers at any hour of the day, helping you to ensure you never miss this chance and maximise your production.

4 Harvest Loss Calculator

This app developed by Ag PhDs calculates how much of your crop will be left in the field after harvest. Based on crop type and number of seeds per square foot, the Harvest Loss Calculator means you know exactly what you will be producing and losing each year.

5 Firestone tyre pressure check TPC

An app that keeps an eye on you tyres so you don't have to. Using a range of information, the app will find the prescribed inflation pressure for any given load and speed, keeping your machinery always working at its best.

6 iLevel

iLevel is a monitor system that allows you to keep track on the contents of any bulk storage tank by using wireless transmission. As well as improving the maintenance of stock, it also acts as a security tool, as it tracks deliveries and detects leaks.

7 farmGRAZE

If livestock graze on pasture this app is for you. This app allows you to measure, record and manage your pastures, taking into account the type of animal grazing, time of year and type of pasture, ensuring you know exactly what condition your fields are in.

8 Farm Manager

This app is a perfect addition to any busy farm. As a farm management app, there is not much it can't do, with the ability to record the history of crops, fertilisers, details of livestock and maintenance of machinery, as well as a camera feature to link photos to your data.

9 iCropTrak

This interactive farming tool allows you to plan and monitor every detail of your land. Using maps of the farm and details of employee activity, you can easily keep up with what is happening on every square foot of your land, at any hour of the day.

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10 TractorPal

TractorPal enables users to record inventory for not only agricultural machinery but vehicles of any kind, even lawn mowers. This app can even record maintenance requirements for each item, like oil changes and irregular repairs, making it a must-have for Irish Farmers in 2015.

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