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Wednesday 21 March 2018

Farmers may launch legal challenge to LPIS review

Martin Ryan

A group of West Cork farmers have launched a national fund-raising drive to support a legal challenge to the Department of Agriculture's land parcel identification system (LPIS) review.

ICSA West Cork chairman, Dermot Kelleher, told a public meeting in Athlone on Friday night that there was mounting anger among farmers at what he described as the "unfair" and "savage" cuts and penalties imposed under the review.

Mr Kelleher said there was now a move among farmers to raise funds for a possible legal challenge against what he described as "a totally unfair and unjust process."

ICSA general secretary Eddie Punch said the LPIS review process was completely unfair.

"When over 10,000 people appeal the outcome of any regulatory or legislative process, it is clear that something is badly wrong," Mr Punch said.

He added that the appeals process had taken far too long.

"Many of the farmers who appealed penalties applied to their 2013 Single Farm Payment (SFP) have only seen the ground inspections carried out in the first three months of 2015 and, even yet, there are outstanding cases," he pointed out.

"Farmers who have been fully or partially successful in appealing over-claims are still waiting to receive the money wrongly withheld from them since 2013."

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