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Farmers happy with Coveney as minister

The Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney, will be pleased with the outcome of the poll, which shows that farmers are quite happy with his performance. Less than one in 10 farmers thought his performance was poor or very poor, while more than half believe his performance warranted a good or better grade.

The Minister's support appears to be highest among dairy farmers, with an impressive 62pc stating that they thought that he had performed fairly or very good during the first six months of his term in office.

Tillage and 'other' farmers are the least impressed, but even in these groups less than 14pc of farmers believe that the minister is actually performing poorly.

Interestingly, approval ratings for Mr Coveney remained consistent among farmers regardless of the scale of their enterprises but part-time operators were slightly less impressed with his performance so far. And despite receiving a warm reception in the Macra tent during the event, younger farmers are harder to please, according to these results. Less than half of farmers under the age of 40 gave their thumbs up to Mr Coveney, compared to almost 60pc of farmers over 60.

Meanwhile, a worrying 17pc of respondents to the survey said that they did not believe that their septic tanks would pass the new inspection regime proposed by the Department of the Environment.

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