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Farmers feeling healthy

Farmers are confident about the state of their health according to this survey. While health checks at agricultural shows such as the Ploughing Championships have regularly highlighted high levels of health issues among the farming community, two out of three of our respondents reported feeling fairly or very healthy. A tiny 2pc said that they rated their lifestyles as fairly or very unhealthy. In perhaps a reflection on the awareness about health issues in younger generations, farmers under 40 were three times more likely to admit that they were leading unhealthy lifestyles. And while they might have big farms, 7pc of survey participants farming more than 200ac rated their lifestyles as unhealthy.

Bring the Punt back

Six out of every 10 farmers would be happy to see Ireland re-introduce either the punt or sterling in the event of the collapse of the euro. Only 10pc favour the introduction of a new currency, while a significant 33pc replied 'don't know' when asked what Ireland should do if the euro collapses.

Preference for sterling over the punt was reflected strongly in the different age groups, with double those over the age of 60 favouring the re-introduction of sterling compared to respondents under 40. Farmers who classified their enterprises as 'other' also came out strongly in favour of the re-introduction of sterling over the punt.

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