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Wednesday 21 February 2018

Farmec focus on sprayers and hedgecutters

The Twose 625T hedge-cuter will be on display at the Farmec stand
The Twose 625T hedge-cuter will be on display at the Farmec stand

The Bargam range of sprayers, including machines with hydraulic and manual folding booms, and the full range of accessories necessary to comply with the new spraying standards will be featured on the Farmec Ireland stand.

The world of spraying is set to change over the coming months and visitors will be eager to see exactly what equipment will be needed to get sprayers through testing heading into 2016.

In addition to all things spraying, the Sulkly Cultiline 1000 series power harrow range will be on show. This machine has now been fully tested in Irish conditions over the past number of years. Built to robust standards with tapered roller bearings, quick fit tines and a full range of accessories, the new series 1000 comes with a three year guarantee on the gearbox and gear trough.

With hedge cutting season in full swing again contractors will be able to check out the Twose model 625T hedge cutter with a 6.25 genuine reach, telescopic outer arm and three point linkage mounting.

This machine is also fitted with a robust stabiliser frame for easy transfer between tractors, servo joystick controls for operator comfort and the new wrap around rotor lugs which add to the heavy duty construction. The Farmec stand is located at No 191, Block 2, Row 14.

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