Property: 'Dream' 90ac dairy holding for sale in Limerick

The 90ac farm is located at Kiltallon near the village of Croagh, 7km from Adare
The 90ac farm is located at Kiltallon near the village of Croagh, 7km from Adare
Jim O'Brien

Jim O'Brien

Growing up in Co Limerick I could just about see the hill of Knockfierna, known as Cnoc na Firinne, the Hill of Truth, from our backyard.

In fact, the day you could see the hill clearly was a sure indication bad weather was on the way. In contrast, the day it was shrouded in haze was a great day for hay, or so the locals said.

Whenever as children we created too much racket we were told to quieten down or we'd be heard in Knockfierna.

I never quite figured out what was the great sin in being heard by those who lived on the said height but I'm sure it had something to do with fairies.

I found myself in the shadow of the mountain last week when I walked a fine 90ac Limerick farm at Kiltallon near the village of Croagh, about 7km from Adare.

The holding boasts some of the finest land in the county, a dream place for beginning or expanding a dairy operation and comes to auction with a guide price in the region of €10,000/ac.

It was one of those lovely June mornings we had of late and John O'Connell of GVM Limerick met me outside Neville's pub in Kilfinny.

In three minutes we had arrived at the gate to the farm, a workman-like entrance that led to an avenue that was bounded on one side by a lovely cut stone wall. At the other side an electric fence bounded a fine level field in permanent pasture.

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We arrived at the homestead consisting of an old dwelling house in need of complete renovation and surrounded by a range of farm buildings that are dated but in relatively good condition, with some work the facilities could be transformed into a fine yard.

The buildings consist of an unused milking parlour that could be revived, a large concrete apron and a double-sized, four-column round-roofed shed with dry housing and a feed passage. At either side of this shed are lean-tos with cubicles.

There is a range of smaller storage sheds in the main yard, including a two-column machinery shed, and a series of calving or calf pens.

There is also an open silage apron, some dated slurry storage facilities and a grain silo.

The land is laid out in eight big fields surrounded by natural hedgerow and paddocked by electric fencing, with water provided to each division.

There is plenty of road frontage onto a substantial by-road. The land is bone dry under foot, although it does go down to some lower ground in one place.

While it could do with reseeding, this would be a small price to pay for land of this quality.

The farm will be sold at auction at the GVM salesrooms, Limerick at 3pm on Friday, July 7.

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