Large Roscommon holding with a good range of sheds 'one of the finest' in the county


The impressive outbuildings
The impressive outbuildings
Jim O'Brien

Jim O'Brien

Last week, I found myself in Roscommon at a substantial c167ac farm at Ballinaheglish, about 15km west of the county town. The holding, with a good range of farm buildings, was once the property of the Franciscan Order and is for sale with a guide price of €1.4m.

It was a fine May morning as I set out on my journey along with 'My Lady of the Highway', Google maps. She laid out a route for me that was more byway than highway, but I have learned from bitter experience to do what that good woman tells me and not to second guess her.

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Even when the road has a line of grass growing along its Mohican crown, I follow her instructions obediently.

Passing through rural village after rural village, there were signs of young life at every school gate, but equally, there were reminders of old life and former life in the boarded-up draperies, bakeries and hardware shops along the quiet main streets. Filling stations selling everything from croissants to crowbars on the outskirts of the villages are now the commercial centres of gravity.

My directress eventually brought me to Ballinaheglish, where auctioneer John Earley was waiting to take me on a tour of this farm that comes with oodles of road frontage.

Originally a Franciscan farm, the monastery and a school building are on adjacent lands retained by the order. The holding is located off the Roscommon to Castlebar road, about 1km from the village of Ballinaheglish.

Fields of dreams: The farm at Ballinaheglish consists of 15 fields and outbuildings
Fields of dreams: The farm at Ballinaheglish consists of 15 fields and outbuildings

Laid out in a series of 15 fields, the place is in very good condition, having been well farmed by the owner. Aside from a 3.5ac parcel of boggy ground, the holding is made up of good-quality grazing land.

All in grass and fenced with traditional hedgerow, the main portion extends to 94ac behind the farmyard and has good road frontage along four different sections. Across the road from this is a 25ac piece with frontage to the main road and secondary frontage on to a lane that runs down to other properties.

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The last piece is a 48ac parcel of grazing ground across the road from the main farm and separated from the 25ac piece by a neighbour's land. This was bought a number of years ago by the current owner.

The impressive yard has three adjoining sheds that incorporate an eight-column back-to-back slatted shed, an eight-column slatted shed and an eight bay machinery shed with a large concrete silage slab and yard. An electricity supply is connected to the sheds, while water is laid on to all fields, along with a private water supply on the lands.

Mr Earley describes the holding as one of the finest to come up for sale in the county in recent times and while it is on the market by private treaty, it may go to auction at a later date.

It can be bought in its entirety or in lots, with the yard and 94ac making up one lot, while across the road, the 48ac piece and the 25ac piece can be sold separately.

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