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Tuesday 16 January 2018

Farm machinery: Massey on a winner with the 5700 series

The 2016 utility Tractor of the Year looks set to be a popular seller in Ireland

The new Massey Ferguson 5700 series is a four model range spanning the 110-130hp bracket.
The new Massey Ferguson 5700 series is a four model range spanning the 110-130hp bracket.
Front axle suspension does not interfere with the fitting of a front linkage or loader.
Prices for the new Massey Fergison series start from €79,0000
Cooling efficiency is improved by special air vents.
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Massey Ferguson has launched the 5700SL series mid-range tractors, a four-model range spanning the 110-130hp width that is set to be a very popular seller in Ireland.

The series builds upon the range's reputation for versatility and reliability. All four new models are equipped to work in compact spaces and offer the power, manoeuvrability, comfort, and performance needed for efficient loader work and general use.

Powered by the very latest AGCO Power four cylinder engines, these tractors are set to retail at prices starting from €79,000.

The flagship model in the new series, the 5713SL model, was named Tractor of the Year 2016 in the best of utility category at Agritechnica.

With a 2.55m wheelbase and weighing just 4.8 tonnes, MF claims its new tractors combine a great power-to-weight ratio with superb agility.

In terms of size and power rating they are certainly suited to a wide range of field and transport duties.

"They mould together the compact dimensions required by livestock and mixed farmers with the performance and power needed for arable work," said Campbell Scott, director, marketing services at MF.

MF has refined its answer to meeting the requirements of the strict Tier 4 final emission regulations with a new 'All in One' selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system.

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Mounting the compact SCR system below the cab on the right-hand side allows the MF 5700 SL series to retain a steep sloping bonnet to offer unrivalled forward visibility.

That feature will lend the 5700 series to being a useful loader tractor. The series also includes a new 100hp four cylinder model, the MF 5710, that is an addition to the range and complements the three cylinder MF 5600 tractors.

The exhaust pipe is the same size as before. MF says this design employs a special 'swirl system' that thoroughly mixes the exhaust gases and diesel exhaust fluid such as AdBlue.

Other changes include a new electronically controlled waste-gate turbocharger and latest fourth-generation common-rail fuel injection to improve engine responsiveness and overall performance.

This advanced technology allows the engine to run at lower temperatures, which means Massey Ferguson continues to use a compact cooling package. Specially designed air inlets and outlets on the bonnet channel the incoming and outgoing air around the engine to improve cooling efficiency.

Transmission choice

All four of the MF 5700 SL series tractors can be specified with the choice of either the Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 transmissions. Both come with the useful brake to neutral function and the option of AutoDrive, which provides automatic changing of the four or six steps in fieldwork, as well as the ranges when in transport.

The Dyna-6 transmission provides clutchless operation of six speeds in four ranges, providing a total of 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds.

Meanwhile, the Dyna-4 transmission offers 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds with four Dynashift speeds across four ranges. Electro-hydraulic control also provides clutchless range changes.

The tractors are available with the option of front-axle suspension, developed and built by Massey Ferguson as an integral part of the design.

The compact system uses a suspension arm mounted between a special cast engine oil sump and new front-axle support with electro-hydraulic control.

The front axle suspension does not interfere with the fitting of a front linkage or loader - and all three can be mounted at the same time.

Cab and hydraulics

The new 5700 series tractors come with a choice of three hydraulic systems that offer high flowrates and close control. All models are equipped with an efficient twin-pump system that delivers 58 litres/min for the spool valves and linkage, with a separate pump for all internal services.

For those requiring extra flow - for example to boost loader performance - there is also the 100 litre/min combined flow system. This system can combine the flow from the 58 litre/min linkage pump along with 42 litres/min from an additional high pressure pump, which provides greater flow for the loader.

When not combined, one pump supplies the linkage and the other pump the spool valves. An additional, separate pump provides all the internal services.

A 110 litre/min closed centre load sensing (CCLS) system is another option, delivering flow and pressure on demand for optimum output, control and economy.

This also comes with finger-tip spool valve controls or electronic joystick.

The new tractors benefit from the same cab comfort as larger models from the MF range.

A novel feature on tractors this size from MF is the Speedsteer option, which makes it possible to vary the number of steering wheel revolutions needed to turn the wheels from lock-to-lock.

This helps loading operations and headland turns to be made more quickly and with less effort. The system is quick and easy to activate and disengage with fine adjustments made on the dashboard screen. For safety it also turns off automatically at speeds of more than 20km/hr.

Operators will appreciate the new clear dashboard colour display that is the same as that used on the top of the range MF 8700 series.

This provides better visibility during the day and night, making it easier to use the set up screen.

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