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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Farm inspections like 'witch-hunt' says IFA

Darragh McCullough

Darragh McCullough

Farm inspections have become a "witch-hunt" according to a senior IFA representative.

Michael Silke said that a farmyard is a place of work and as a result "is not always going to be like the kitchen floor". Mr Silke said that it was a given that this would be taken into account by farm inspectors within the Farmers' Charter of Rights. However, the Galway farmer believes that this charter is not always being honoured now with reports the inspections are now a lot "more picky" regarding the interpretation of rules.

"It can be a very frightening thing for a farmer when a couple of inspectors' cars land into the yard," said Mr Silke. "All we're asking for is a bit of understanding."

In its section on farm inspections, the charter states that fair, equitable, proportional and transparent principles are central.

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