Farm Ireland

Monday 18 December 2017

Farm fun for everyone

Eoin Ó Muircheartaigh, Ballydavid, Tralee, Co Kerry

Age: 16

Idea: Fun on the Farm

Stage: Business Plan complete

School: Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne

Eoin's idea centres on bringing tourists to his family's farm at Slea Head, Dingle, to show them a real farming experience.

He has identified 18 different visitor activities for adults and children. Adult activities include milking a cow, shearing a sheep, driving the tractor, setting or digging potatoes and dosing a sheep. Activities for children include feeding the lambs, rounding up the sheep with the dog and looking at new and old farm machinery.

The idea may seem simple, but the quality and level of detail in the plan is up there with the best I have seen. Eoin researched the market on the internet, visiting tourist offices and he even persuaded 1,500 tourists to complete a questionnaire to see what activities they would like and how much they would pay to visit the farm.

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He has analysed the competition and scored his project compared to theirs under a series of headings including price, quality, innovation, years in business and customer service. He has meticulously prepared budgets and costings for all aspects of the project.

In many ways Eoin reminded me of myself when I opened a youth hostel on our own farm at the age of 18, except Eoin clearly knows a lot more about business at 16 than I did then.

He has produced a realistic, practical and very credible business plan.

Irish Independent