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Sunday 18 March 2018

Farm bodies voice their anger over 10c/kg cut beef in prices

Cattle prices are on the up as a result of EU restrictions on Brazilian beef imports
Cattle prices are on the up as a result of EU restrictions on Brazilian beef imports
Darragh McCullough

Darragh McCullough

Irish farm organisations have voiced their anger over falling quotes at the meat factories this week.

The 10c/kg cut in prices was descried by the ICSA as extremely cynical, while the IFA called on farmers to ignore the price cuts.

"The only thing keeping store prices from collapsing altogether is the relatively good price beef finishers are getting," said ICSA beef chairman, Edmund Phelan.


"If the beef price drops then I foresee huge problems for the suckler industry as a direct result," he added.

IFA livestock chairman, Henry Burns, said that despite the propaganda from the factories, the supply situation remained very tight and demand very strong.

Mr Burns pointed to Ireland's main export market in Britain where prices were still at €5.00/kg.

"There is a massive shortage of beef in Britain and demand remains very strong, so farmers should not easily part with their animals," he said.

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Mr Burns said the factories claimed in the Food Harvest 2020 plan that they wanted to increase beef production and could easily sell 40,000 cattle per week.

"This week procurement managers and agents are telling farmers they are full up of cattle, although the kill is only 28,000 head.

"The reality is the factories are limiting the kill and backing up numbers in order to pull back prices," he said.

The IFA man added that the lack of competition in the trade in the last two weeks highlighted the need for Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney to get more boats cleared for more live exports.


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