Farm Ireland

Friday 27 April 2018

Fall in numbers sees marts post record returns

The beef and sheep trade continues to roar on with record prices being reported from marts around the country again this week on the back of dwindling numbers.

Old, well-fleshed cows are making up to €2.17/kg while weanling bulls made up to €3.48/kg. Heavy steers were up by €30-60/hd in Balla. Young suckler cows with a calf at foot were making up to €2,000/unit, while in-calf cows were selling for up to €1,500 each. Good quality continental store bullocks and heifers are at €2.00-2.50/kg.

Lambs were also up by anything from €1-5/hd and making from €50-64 with their weight or €100-116/hd. Stores were making €60-95 each, while ewe lambs made as high as €141. Cull ewes fit for slaughter sold for €100-135. Feeders moved at €45-90/hd.

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