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Monday 19 March 2018

Factory slump hits prices in the marts

Joe Healy

IT'S not a good week for sheep at the marts around the country as the big hit from the factories on lamb prices immediately affected the mart trade. When getting the report from yesterday's sale at Kilkenny Mart I was informed that the factory type lambs were selling for €45-58 over their weight. For the corresponding sale last year the prices were at €75-80 over. The tops at that sale was €130 for 46kgs, while yesterday it was something like €106 for 48kgs. The general run for the factory lambs was from €45-58 over with the butcher types making from €50-56 over.

At Fermoy Mart, a smaller than normal sale saw the fleshed lambs sell for €45-58 with the €1/kg. In Athenry yesterday it was proving to be a struggle to get lambs to reach €50 over the weight. But a few quality lots exceeded this mark to leave the prices in a range of €45-52 over.

The trade was described as difficult at Dowra Mart on Saturday last with prices back across the board for the big entry of sheep. Dry hoggets for breeding made from €100-120 with the remainder of the hoggets selling for €65-85 each. Hoggets with a single lamb at foot sold for €130-185.

Young ewes with twin lambs at foot made from €180 to €250, with up to €300 paid for ewes with triplets. Lambs made €75-92. Heavy cull ewes sold for €80-110, while ewes for feeding made €55-70 each.

Sheep numbers and lamb prices continued to drop at Mayo/Sligo Mart. Spring lambs were selling for €48-58 with the €1/kg. Cull ewes made from €50-95. Ewes with a pair of lambs at foot hit a high of €200/unit.

Carnew Mart had 680 sheep at their sale. The spring lambs were selling for €45-55 over the weight. Ewe hoggets ranged in price from €105 to €150, while ewes with lambs at foot met with an improved trade and sold for €137-275. Culls made for €55-102 each.

Lamb prices were back around €5/hd at Enniscorthy Mart, with the factory and butcher types making €45-50 with the €1/kg and selling for prices of €90-104. Ewe hoggets sold for €125-150. Prices for hoggets with twin lambs at foot were making from €200 to €250/unit. Heavy cull ewes ranged from €80 to €95, while lighter types made €40-60.

The best of the lambs in Tuam Mart made up to €100/hd.

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