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Fab four power up Massey's portfolio

Giant launches new medium-sized range

Late last summer, Massey Ferguson launched four new high horsepower, lightweight MF 7600 Series tractors. These replaced the top-end models in both the MF6400 and MF7400 ranges, developing maximum engine powers of 185-235hp.

Massey Ferguson picked up several awards for the new series, including the Golden Tractor for Design gong at Agritechnica and, more recently, gold medals at shows in Poland and Lithuania, plus a silver in Spain.

Now the firm has extended the range downwards, with another four new models to tuck in behind the 185hp MF7619 introduced last year.

Massey Ferguson describes these as medium-power tractors and all are powered by six-cylinder engines developing 140-175hp (maximum power). The four new models will replace equivalent six-cylinder tractors in the existing MF5400, MF6400 and MF7400 Series.

The company says that the new models all inherit the 7600 series' excellent power-to-weight ratio and are available with a broad range of specification and transmission options. The new models are the 140hp MF7614, 150hp MF7615, 160hp MF7616 and 175hp MF7618.

Massey says the largest model being introduced, the MF7618, is completely unique. It weighs in at 1t less than rivals and provides exceptional power- to-weight ratio, making it ideal for lighter cultivations, drilling and high-performance transport work.

Providing power for the new models are the latest in-house AGCO Sisu Power generation-two engines. These are four-valves-per-cylinder engines to facilitate better engine breathing and performance. Common rail fuel injection is also used, as is the norm with engines producing this kind of power. Selective catalytic reduction (AdBlue) is the firm's chosen method of exhaust emission control.

According to Massey Ferguson, the SCR system is designed to be low maintenance, while allowing the engine to offer high power and torque characteristics plus excellent fuel economy. Extra power through a boost facility is available on tractors equipped with the firm's Dyna-4 and the Dyna-6 ECO transmissions. Massey's power-boost facility, which it calls Power Management, automatically provides up to 25hp extra power during certain PTO and transport applications.

The new MF 7600s are available in three different specification levels to suit different user requirements -- essential, efficient and exclusive. In common with the larger MF 7600s, the cab has been redesigned to give more interior space and better visibility.

As well as a new dashboard and fully adjustable steering column, the seat now swivels further to provide more leg room and extra comfort when looking rearwards. The new models are also available with the option of cab suspension and there is a choice of either mechanical or hydraulic (Opti-Ride Plus) suspension.

The latter cab suspension system allows the operator to adjust the level of damping to suit the operating conditions.

Also available is the electro-hydraulic selection of PTO speeds, instead of levers.

MF now also offers a fast-steer facility similar to New Holland, which reduces the number of steering wheel revolutions from lock to lock. The Massey 'Speedsteer' is particularly useful for repetitive headland manoeuvres or yard work with a front loader, helping to reduce driver fatigue.

A new control panel on the right-hand pillar now clusters together many commonly used switches, buttons and the ignition switch. Other control options include factory-fitted auto-guidance, via Topcon's System 150 GPS unit, and Massey Ferguson's ISOBUS and video camera-compatible Datatronic Control Centre Display.

The smaller MF7600s have a range of control and joystick options, depending on model and specification. On the exclusive tractors, available in Dyna-6 and Dyna-VT transmissions, the armrest contains a multipad joystick. This enables several functions to be controlled, such as reverse shuttle, linkage and spool valves. On the efficient models, the armrest contains the 'T' handle familiar to MF 5400, MF 6400 and MF 7400 tractor users.

On both armrests, it is possible to have an extra electronic joystick, which is ideal for loader operation and contains a reverse shuttle and speed change. Essential specification tractors have a new console on the right-hand side containing all the main levers and frequently used switches and controls.

MF says these models are also available with a new high specification electro-hydraulic joystick for loader operation.

There are three transmission options available on the new MF7600 series additions, Dyna-4, Dyna-6 ECO or Dyna-VT.

Only the MF7615 is available with all three, while the MF7614 is available only with the Dyna-4 transmission. The two larger models, the MF7616 and MF7618, are available with either the Dyna-6 ECO or Dyna-VT transmissions.

The Dyna-4 is a forward/ reverse power-shuttle transmission providing 16 forward and 16 reverse gears through four ranges, with four powershift gears in each range. The left-hand shuttle lever under the steering wheel, called the power control lever, also facilitates gear shifting and forward/ reverse shuttling.

A new function is 'AutoDrive', which is standard on the Dyna-6 ECO transmission. This provides automatic gear changing and operates in two driving modes, allowing operators to select the most appropriate to suit the work and preference.

The Dyna-6 ECO transmission also features the left-hand power control and provides a total of 24 speeds from six Dynashift (powershift) steps in four ranges. The ECO feature allows top speeds to be achieved at low engine revs, which cuts noise and fuel consumption. Again, AutoDrive is also standard on this transmission.

For those who want more control, there is the Dyna-VT CVT transmission option. The tractor's Dynamic Tractor Management (Dyna-TM) system automatically adjusts the engine speed according to load.

These latest additions to the Massey Ferguson 7600 series are expected to be available from July, so expect to see the first examples arriving in time for the National Ploughing Championships.

Prices have yet to be released.

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