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Thursday 22 March 2018

Eyeing up the best in harvesting and slurry spreading

The home market shows signs of picking up but it's exports to Germany, Scandinavia and UK that are bringing in the money


This year's Grass and Muck event, which took place in Stoneleigh, Warickshire last week, had plenty for farmers and contractors to feast their eyes on, with static displays and working demonstrations in the art of grass harvesting and slurry spreading.

It was an opportunity for manufacturers to either launch, show or work products publicly for the first time.

Irish manufacturers, north and south of the Border, were well represented at the event, with McHale, Tanco, Cross, Major, Hi-Spec, Keenans, Brennan fencing (Vector), NC, Watson and more exhibiting the Stoneleigh location.


Many reported that, while there was an improvement in the agricultural machinery trade at home in Ireland, it was the export market that had really helped keep them afloat.

Germany and Scandinavia were seen as the biggest markets and, to a lesser degree, Britain. A poor supply of tyres and other key components such as hydraulic valves were hindering production for some though.

Based on Massey Ferguson's static stand, Dromone Engineering brought along a working model of their new hitch design which uses a hydraulic ram and chain mechanism rather than lift rods to raise and lower it. There are plans for it to be used by Massey Ferguson on select models.

At Grassland and Muck there were plenty of machines of all sizes, and in particular some truly enormous equipment for the upper end of their respective markets. The following is a sample of what was on display and in action at the event.

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Hopefully we can look forward to something similar next May, organised by the FTMTA, again in Gurteen Agricultural College.

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