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Tuesday 21 November 2017

Eventing Ireland class changes

Eventing Ireland has announced several changes to class structures for 2014, including name changes for many classes that will help to make their height standards more easily understood.

The move came following an online survey carried out among Eventing Ireland members and non-members.

Under the new system, the intro classes will be known as EI 90 (formerly Intro), EI 90 S (formerly Sportsman C) and EI 90 P (formerly Pony C).

The pre-novice classes will change to EI 100 (old name pre-novice), EI 100 S (old name Sportsman B), EI 100 J (old name Junior C) and EI 100 P (old name CNCP1*/Pony B).

The CNC one-star classes will be called CNC1*, CNCJ1*, CNC1* S (previously Sportsman A) and CNCP2*.

Also under the new rules, event organisers will have the right to amalgamate classes with entries of six or less into the main class at the same level without the entrants having to be consulted.

The plan to introduce minimum eligibility requirements (MERs) to determine upgrading has been shelved for 2014.

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