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Monday 19 March 2018

Hogan calls for ‘realism’ on Brexit

European Commissioner Phil Hogan Photo: Frank McGrath
European Commissioner Phil Hogan Photo: Frank McGrath

Sarah Collins

EU agriculture chief Phil Hogan has hit out at the UK’s push for a hard Brexit, where it would crash out of the customs union as well as the EU’s single market.

“No one in Brussels wants a hard border,” Mr Hogan told an event in Kilkenny last week.

“Certainly no one in Ireland wants a hard border. So far, London is the only place driving a hard border,” he said.

Brexit talks

EU negotiators are this week finalising their positions on citizens’ rights post-Brexit, and the UK’s financial settlement with the bloc, but have yet to delve into detail on the border issue.

Most of Ireland’s concerns will be dealt with later in the Brexit talks, which are set to begin on 19 June.

“We must do everything our power to walk our British friends back from the cliff face of a hard Brexit and a hard border,” Mr Hogan said, adding that it would require “a realism from the British side which I hope will dawn post-election”.

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