Environmental fanatics have a hatred of 'non native' species

The Company of Trees by Thomas Pakenham
The Company of Trees by Thomas Pakenham

I have visited Tullynally several times in the past and had the good fortune to meet the author himself.

His enthusiasm and knowledge were infectious as he described the world famous oak that stands in the grounds of Tullynally and is known as 'the Squire's Walking Stick'. I have one if its children growing near my home in Meath but as Thomas so wisely pointed out, while it is indeed a sapling grown from an acorn produced by this great tree, we really don't know who its father was!

As one reads through The Company of Trees mention is made of the environmental Taliban who have a hatred of non-native species and even want to root up naturalised species such as beech and sycamore.

I share his dislike of their narrow minded attitude and have often referred to them as "the Green Loonies".

Thank goodness we have people like Thomas Pakenham who tirelessly strive to plant their estates with specimens gathered from all over the world.

It is due to them that we now have so many great trees to view and appreciate.

Having enjoyed this fine book, I cannot wait to revisit Tullynally with its exotic woods and gardens.

In The Company of Trees (W&N) by Thomas Pakenham RRP €44.99

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