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Friday 15 December 2017

Elite Sales prove success

The potential for elite horse sales to attract higher-spending buyers was proven by the success of the Tattersalls and Monart elite event horse sales last year.

The Teagasc equine team insists that the concept of an elite horse sale should be developed in the coming years to increase both the number of horses sold and the price that horses are sold for.

At both of the sales, which debuted last year, horses were pre-selected for entry into the sale and could be seen and ridden by prospective buyers.

The average price paid at September's Tattersalls sale was €6,712 for the 16 horses sold, while the Monart sale saw 24 horses change hands at an average price of €13,494.

At Tattersalls, two three-year-olds averaged €6,050 each, while two four-year-olds averaged €4,150 each. Seven five-year-olds sold for €7,529 on average and five horses of six years and older made €6,800 on average.

At Monart, eight four-year-olds sold for an average of €15,250, while the average price for the seven five-year-olds sold was €17,179. In the six-year-old and older section, the average paid was €9,067 for the nine horses sold.

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