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Elderly farmers 'live in fear' in Limerick

Elderly farmers are living in a state of fear in their homes, according to a Limerick farming leader who is spearheading a campaign against crime in the area.

County vice-chairman of Limerick IFA David Thompson said that some of the elderly are now so fearful of violent attacks and burglaries they are considering moving out of the area for peace of mind and safety.

Mr Thompson confirmed that his own property at Pallasgreen has also been the subject of a recent attack from criminals.

More than 30 gardai are working on investigation into the recent incident when 74-year-old Willie Creed and his sisters Chrissie and Nora, aged 66 and 72, were beaten and tied up in their home near Pallasgreen.

"Three recent cases of robbery and crime were all within a mile of me, so everybody is now living in fear in the area and I think people now just want to get out of the area to live," he said.


There was a capacity crowd at a recent public meeting at Pallasgreen where they voiced their anger at the attacks and demanded increased protection.

ICSA president, Gabriel Gilmartin, joined the condemnation of the violence. "These are appaling acts of violence towards some of society's most vulnerable people," said Mr Gilmartin.

"I would call on people living in isolated areas to be vigilant and keep an eye out for anything suspicious in their area and report it to the gardaĆ­ if something doesn't seem right."

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