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Tuesday 23 January 2018

Easy life with Ecocontrol

New for its range of Sirius sprayers is the EcoControl unit (above) from German machinery firm Lemken.

It enables the operator to control all hydraulic functions of the sprayer via two joysticks, which can be mounted in a convenient location in the cab.

All boom adjustments, including folding, are permanently available via the joysticks, without the need to refer to the menu screen on the main control box.

The manufacturer claims that the unit eases boom adjustments, such as tilt and height, while on the move.

It is connected to the Ecospray Terminal and requires a constant oil flow, from the tractor via the spool valve or load-sensing system, to operate.

According to Lemken, any Sirius sprayer fitted with an Ecospray computer can be upgraded to EcoControl.

Bruce Lett

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