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Early planning key with barley

Start planning your barley fungicide strategies early so that products can be purchased on time and at a lower cost.

Generally, two fungicide applications are needed to keep disease at bay.

Varieties with good disease resistance such as Quench, Propino or SY Taberna can be managed with a low fungicide strategy – eg, reduced rates at both timings. Keep a close eye on Snakebite for rhyncho and Azalea and Cocktail for net blotch at an early stage.

High yields in barley are closely related to the final grain numbers. To maximise this a crop needs to produce high numbers of tillers to ensure a very thick crop.


An early onset of disease can limit shoot numbers and in some cases reduce them. Therefore, keeping disease out of spring barley at an early stage is extremely important.

The first fungicide can be applied from mid- to late-tillering but is generally applied when the first node is detectable. Half rates are generally sufficient.

Products like Proline (prothioconazole), Punch C, Lyric and Stereo will all do an excellent job at this stage. Where rhyncho is a problem early in the season use Proline at a minimum of 60pc of the full rate of prothioconazole - it has the best activity of the products mentioned.

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