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Saturday 18 November 2017

Dromone wins another award for pickup hitch

Irish engineering firm Dromone Engineering recently picked up an award for its Linkless Roller Pickup Hitch at the Highland Show in Edinburgh, Scotland. Earlier this year the firm also picked up an award at the LAMMA Show in the UK for its new hitch design.

The hitch was featured in the Farming Independent after the firm had completed its in-house testing and evaluation of the Linkless Roller Pickup Hitch. Briefly, the hitch was designed in particular for tractors where there is literally no room to fit conventional lift rods and hitch options were limited.

Instead, a hydraulic ram, in combination with a clever roller and chain carriage, allows the hitch to be lowered and extended simultaneously.


Dromone now provides an alternative option for tractors with 'cluttered' backends and more conventional tractors. Massey Ferguson recently took the design for fitting to selected models.

Dromone were presented with a Certificate of Commendation for the Linkless Roller Pick Up Hitch with Ball & Spoon at the Technical Innovation Awards from the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland on Saturday, June 25.

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