Farm Ireland

Sunday 19 November 2017

Do's and don't's of security

•DO make a record of vehicle make, colour and registration number of strangers when they call to your farm.

•DO note the general description of caller(s) height, accent, gait, nationality, hair colour, eye colour, tattoos, etc.

•DO contact your local garda station as soon as possible.

•DO mark all your property with your unique personal identification.

•DO keep a record of property serial numbers to cross reference with your personal identification method.

•DO consider installing GPS tracking system on your equipment.

•DO NOT buy machinery, trailers, tractors, quads, ride-on mowers or other equipment from strangers.

•DO NOT pay cash for goods. Remember that unless you have a receipt, you do not have any guarantee that the goods you have bought are genuine. Remember, too, that if you are in possession of stolen goods, you may be liable to prosecution.

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