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Thursday 14 December 2017

Dispenser design can make meals on wheels a breeze

Revolutionary bin speeds process of storing, blending and dispensing

Father and son Philip and Michael Ward from Castleblayney, Co Monaghan with their mobile meal dispensing bin
Father and son Philip and Michael Ward from Castleblayney, Co Monaghan with their mobile meal dispensing bin

Bruce Lett

RECENT times within farming have certainly focused everyone's attention on costs in an effort to make a living. At the Tullamore Show, Monaghan Engineering duo Michael and Philip Ward had on show their new mobile meal dispenser bin. They claim this is the first of its kind on the market and facilitates the storing, blending and dispensing of blended meals and coarse rations.

The 810 machine from Ward Engineering has an eight-tonne capacity in two covered hoppers. Through each hopper is a PTO-driven rotor equipped with single-arm paddles to mix the desired ration within the hopper. At the base of each hopper a hydraulically operated door can be opened, where a hydraulically operated driver auger brings the feed to the rear of the machine and up another auger into a diet feeder where the silage and ration are mixed for feeding.

Once the meal in the hopper is mixed up, it is not necessary to tie up another tractor on the hopper. The Wards have designed the meal bin so that the tractor with the diet feeder can drive the hydraulic services on the hopper.

With two hydraulic pipes connected to the diet feeder tractor, the diet feeder can be loaded with the blended meals from the controls of a hydraulic valve chest at the rear of the meal dispenser hopper.


The operator can easily monitor the weigh cell on the diet feeder from this position.

Under the eight-tonne machine, rocker tandem axles keep the unit upright. Michael also points out the machine is equipped with 50kph specification brakes. The unloading auger will dispense one tonne of ration in six minutes with a tractor oil supply of 60 litres/minute, according to Michael.

While the machine on the Ward Engineering stand at Tullamore was an eight-tonne model, they are available in a range of sizes or designs to suit the customer. The standard eight-tonne machine retails for €14,500 including VAT. For more information contact Ward Engineering on 042-9745772.

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