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Tuesday 24 April 2018

Difficult week for the trade with only weanling heifers picking up in price

Joe Healy

Ringside shows a relatively difficult week for the cattle trade at the marts over the past week with only the forward store heifers of 500-600kg showing any improvement of note. Thereafter, apart from the weanling heifers, all the other categories showed negative movement of up to 10c/kg, with the heavy heifers enduring a hit of up to 26c/kg for the better types.

Light steers under 400kg were back by between 6-10c/kg at €2.40-3.05/kg. The 400-600kg lots sold for €2.20-2.80/kg, while the heavier types made €2.20-2.50/kg. Plainer steers moved at €1.85-1.95/kg.

Store heifers were selling for €2.30-2.85/kg; lots over 600kg made €2.20-2.55/kg. Lesser types were making €1.85-2.15/kg.

All the weanling bulls showed downward movement. Lighter lots under 300kg were back by 4-9c/kg at €2.55-3.25/kg. Heavier bulls were down by 1-6c/kg and selling for €2.25-2.90/kg. Poorer types sold for €1.85-1.95/kg. Little or no movement to the prices for the weanling heifers saw the lighter lots sell at €2.85-3.40/kg, with the 300-400kg types make from €2.70 to €3.10/kg. The heavier lots sold at €2.45-2.95/kg. Heifers lacking in quality made from €2.20-2.50/kg.

Fleshed stock met a slightly sharper trade in Kilkenny where 920hd were offered for sale. The heavier steers were selling for €1.80-2.50/kg or €620-1,020 with their weight. Lots between 500-600kg sold for €1.70-2.81/kg, 400-500kg from €1.60/kg to €3.05/kg and lighter lots from €1.70-3.30/kg or €300-750 with the €1/kg.

Beef heifers moved at €1.80-2.60/kg, reflecting a range from €600-950 over the weight. Forward stores made €1.90-2.70/kg. The lighter stores sold at €2.00-3.10/kg. Continental cull cows were selling for €1.50-2.15/kg. The Friesian cows sold for €1.05-1.90/kg. Suckler cow prices ran from €1,010/hd to €1,920/hd. Pedigree Charollais cows ranged from €1,400 up to a top price of €2,850.

Store bullocks up to 400kg in Balla were making from €600-920 with the weight or €1.38-3.92/kg. Heavier types made from €1.49-3.27/kg. Light heifers under 400kg were making from €2.16-3.63/kg while heavier lots sold for €1.89-3.15/kg.

Trade was especially strong for cull cows in Ennis with prices improved by €20/hd, with many of the heavy fit lots making from €2.00-2.39/kg. Lighter store bullocks under 500kg were making from €2.40-3.34/kg. Heavier lots sold for €2.30-2.80/kg.

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Numbers of calves were smaller with the trade a shade easier in Kilrush. Friesian bulls made from €80 to €230. Whitehead bulls ranged from €280-420 and the heifers from €240-360. Continental bull calves moved at €270-495. The coloured heifer calves made from €280 to €545.

Carnew had 900 cattle and 130 calves on offer and reported an improved trade for store cattle due to extra farmer customers active around the ring. Beef and forward store bullocks were making €750-1,100 over their weight. Stores sold for €550-900 over. Friesian steers made from €300 to €750 with their weight. Beef heifer prices ranged from €500-850 with their weight. Stores made from €450 to €850 over. Weanling bulls sold for €500-850 with the weight.

In the calf ring, the Friesian bulls were selling for €60-245. Continental bulls varied from €250-500 and the heifers for €150-450. Hereford and Angus bulls made €220-415, while the heifers moved at €160-435.

Dowra had 540 cattle last Saturday, with bull weanlings under 300 kg ranging from €2.00-4.00/kg. Bulls between 300-400 kg made from €1.90-3.20/kg. Heavier lots sold for €1.80-2.65/kg. Store bullocks under 550kg made from €1.80-3.10/kg. Steers over 550kg made €2.00-2.55/kg.

Weanling heifers up to 300kg were moving at €1.90-3.90/kg, while those between 300-400kg ranged from €1.90-3.50/kg.

The 400-550 kg lots made from €1.90-3.10/kg. Lots over 550 kg were making from €2.10-2.60/kg. The fit cull cows made from €1.90-2.30/kg. Feeding cows were making from €1.30-2.10/kg.

Top class bulls over 600kg were making from €765-990 with the weight up in Raphoe. Beef bullocks moved at €500-1,060 over their weight and stores for €400-1,010 over.

Beef heifers were selling for €575-930 with the €/kg. Stores made from €350-910 over. Cull cows sold at prices of €745-1,575 each.

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