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Deutz-Fahr's new harvester harks back to models of old

For anyone travelling to the Cereals 2011 event in the UK, among the exhibits to be seen on the Same Deutz-Fahr stand will be the company's new Deutz-Fahr 6040 combine harvester (alongside their top of the range 6090 HTS Balance combine).

This is a five-walker combine and the firm is keen to point out that it uses the well proven threshing system employed successfully in the other, bigger 60-series models.

In reality, this system goes all the way back to the likes of the Fahr 1600 (and maybe even further back), which, along with other Fahr combines of that era, was well respected on these shores.


Many made their way across from the UK for a new life here and were different to what Claas and New Holland offered in that they featured air-cooled engines and their grain returns system was very different in design.

Partially threshed heads of cereals were rethreshed by a pair of return fans on either side of the combine instead of being delivered by an elevator back to the main threshing drum and concave.

While Deutz-Fahr still manufactures air-cooled engines, emission regulations for noise and smoke do not allow such an oil burner to be fitted here.

The new Deutz-Fahr 6040 combine features a six-cylinder 222hp Deutz turbo-diesel engine, with common rail fuel injection and four valves per cylinder to help it perform without smoking. A 345-litre fuel tank supplies the liquid motivation for the 6040 (optional is a 450-litre tank).

Like its cousins of old, the 6040's engine drives all the combine harvester's threshing mechanisms and unloading auger via belts from a pulley on the right of the engine. On the left the transmissions hydrostatic pump is fitted.

There are three ranges for the hydrostatic transmission to work, which should provide ample speed options for different crops and harvesting speeds. Maximum forward speed is 27kph on standard 620/70 R30 front tyres. There are a number of tyre options up to 800/65 R32's.


A convention drum and concave is used for threshing and has a diameter of 600mm and a width of 1270mm. The threshing drum is driven through a variable speed belt drive on the right hand side of the machine. Drum speed can be adjusted electrically from 420rpm to 1250rpm while the concave front and rear gaps are adjusted manually.

Behind the primary threshing area, the 6040 has a straw walker area of 5.28m² and a shaker shoe, sieve cleaning area of 4.22m² according to Deutz-Fahr. Cleaning fan speed can be adjusted electrically.

The grain tank has a capacity of 6,500 litres while the auger unloading rate is quoted as 75 litres/second. In theory, the Deutz-Fahr 6040 should be able to unload a full tank in under a minute and a half.

For the operator, the Deutz-Fahr 6040 is fitted with the firm's Commander Cab Evo, which should provide a suitable perch to view header proceedings. Air conditioning is of course standard. To the operators' immediate right, the firm's Commander Stick features the main header controls and allows the operator to control the harvester's direction and speed through the hydrostatic transmission.

Fitted on the right hand pillar is Deutz-Fahr's new Combine Control Management System through which the operator can keep an eye on grain losses, forward speed, drum speed and fan speed. It also records total and partial harvested areas plus engine and drum hours.

Header width options on the Deutz-Fahr 6040 are 4.20m, 4.80m and 5.20m. The straw chopper and spreader are optional on the 6040. The retail price of the Deutz-Fahr 6040 in Ireland is €118,523 plus VAT.

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