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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Dept reveals list of investments that qualify for 40pc grant rate

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

A list of investments eligible for a 40pc grant rate under the Rainwater Harvesting Scheme issued up to the maximum eligible investment ceiling of €25,000 has been issued by the Department of Agriculture. It includes:

1. Guttering on existing buildings

The grant will apply to both round and box guttering installed on buildings, including downpipes, for water collection only.

2. Filter mechanism

Fine and coarse water filters to a maximum of one filter per downpipe, which must be protected.

3. Buried drains

Buried drains to direct rainwater from gutters to rainwater collection tanks and manholes with covers are eligible for grant aid.

4. Stump pumps and tanks

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Stump pumps and stump tanks for distribution of rainwater to rainwater harvesting tanks (excluding any piping or water troughs) are eligible.

5. Rainwater collection tanks

Tanks must be covered to be eligible. Tanks, including pre-cast concrete, cast in situ concrete, fibreglass and plastic will be allowed under and overground.

6. Water treatment

Appropriately protected water treatment, by either chlorination or UV treatment, will be eligible.

7. Piggery water meters

Water meters for piggeries to prevent increase in water usage due to rainwater harvesting.

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