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Demand strong with smaller numbers on offer

Most marts are reporting smaller numbers on offer with the odd exception. Trade seems to be holding strong, especially for quality stock. Beef animals continue to sell for a little either side of the €2/kg mark. Forward stores are selling mainly up to €2/kg while lighter store continental's are making €2-2.20/kg. General prices range from €1,100-1,500/unit.

A smaller but very good sale was the word from Ennis Mart. Beef cattle were selling for €1.90-2/kg. Forward store bullocks made €1.80-2/kg, while the lighter cattle made €2-2.20/kg.

Exporters were anxious for the tops of the weanling and were willing to pay €2.50-3 for the best of the Blues. The Charolais and Limousin bulls were making €2-2.50/kg, while the heifers were running at about 10c/kg less than the bulls.

Kilkenny had increased numbers and a sharper trade for both beef and store cattle. Good quality heavy finished steers sold for €1.75-2.10/kg. Friesians made up to €1.73/kg. Forward stores made €1.70-2.02/kg while lighter types sold for €1.90-2.17/kg. Five good 305kg Friesian bullocks made €655 each, or €2.15/kg. Continental heifers fit for slaughter were making €2-2.19/kg with Angus types selling for up to €1.81/kg. Butcher heifers sold from €1.50-2.11/kg. Prices for the store heifers ran from €1.60-2.22/kg.

Ballinakill had 300 cattle for sale on Saturday. The better quality types met with a very keen demand. Heavy bullocks made €400-700 over. Forward stores ranged from €350-675 with their weight while the lighter stores sold for €250-500 over. Fleshy heifers were selling for €350-575 over the €/kg with €180-425 over being the general run for the stores. Weanling bulls made €240-450 over the weight.

Trade in Ballymote was reported as unchanged. Light store bullocks were making €200-380 over with heavier lots making up to €450 over. The light store heifers were making €220-405 over their weight. Heavier lots made up to €445 over. Cull cows sold for €125-600 over. Suckler cows with calves were making up to €1,350/unit. Weanling bulls made from €330-405.

Carnew Mart had a big sale of 820 cattle with a very lively selling trade. Factory demand for beef was especially strong. Exporters were very active for BB Bulls. Well-fleshed steers made €400-820 over their weight. Stores sold for €260-700 over with a top price of €1,000 over the €/kg paid for a weanling bull. Plainer lots sold back to €280 over. Beef heifers were selling for €350-720 over the weight. The stores made €300-550 over. Prices for cull cows ran from €150-500 with the weight.

Top bulls over 600kg in Raphoe were making €470-845 over the weight. Beef bullocks made €440-720 over. Store bullocks sold for €240-510 over the €/kg. Fat heifer prices ran from €300-710 over the weight while the stores were selling from €200-485 over.

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