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Thursday 18 January 2018

Deere services packages

Most tractor companies offer some form of warranty or insurance packages beyond the initial one-year cover. There are usually cost implications for this type of cover and, for the most part, it is often ignored. Tie in a service package and it may become a bit more appealing -- again depending on price.

John Deere has updated its PowerGard tractor maintenance and protection schemes for this year, offering three levels of service and protection.

PowerGard Maintenance, PowerGard Protection and PowerGard Protection Plus options enable dealers to carry out a complete tractor maintenance programme to a fixed budget, depending on the plan chosen by the farmer.

"During busy times, it's easy to fall behind with the maintenance procedures recommended in the tractor operator's manual and service record book," said John Deere's aftermarket sales manager, James Morley. "This can lead to unexpect- ed repairs that create unbudgeted expenses. These, in turn, cause problems with the farmer's cash flow, on top of disrupting the day's work."

  • PowerGard Maintenance -- the dealer calculates the routine tractor servicing costs and sets up an individually tailored contract with the customer to carry out all the required maintenance. Deere says all the farmer has to do is call the dealer when the tractor's operating hours reach the service intervals.

Customers can pay at each service, in regular instalments or for the entire contract in advance, with the cost of the plan including all parts, maintenance fluids and labour.

PowerGard Maintenance also forms the basis of the two more comprehensive protection programmes, which provide up to four years of additional protection after the normal 12-month product and 24-month engine warranties. Subject to acceptance by John Deere Credit, it is possible to fund these two protection programmes within a finance package; payments will vary depending on the tractor model, length of the plan and payment option chosen.

  • PowerGard Protection -- covers all power components (except tyres and tracks) in addition to the basic maintenance plan that is not caused by negligence, misuse, abuse or accidental damage -- these should be covered by a separate insurance policy.
  • Protection Plus -- provides even more comprehensive cover of all machine components.

IThe farmer can choose the number of years and hours he wishes the plan to run for, up to a maximum of five years or 5,000 hours, whichever comes first. Full details of covered items are available from Deere dealers.

It certainly seems to be a scheme worth looking at, especially for higher-spec tractors with lots of electronic systems. But make sure all diagnostic work and travel is covered as well.

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