Dealers fear return of custom controls

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Photo: Getty

LIVESTOCK dealers selling into the North and beyond are concerned they will face high costs due to a potential return of customs controls following Brexit.

"There will almost certainly be more ­paperwork, but it shouldn't be that big an issue to deal with," said livestock haulier David Clarke.

"The trade was just starting to pick up for calved dairy cows there due to a shortage of dairy calvers in July, August and September," he said. "Hopefully, this won't hit that too much."

Dowra mart, which is located just 10 miles from the Northern Ireland border, has ­traditionally always attracted buyers who either travelled from or through the north to their sales.

"The trade with the North has died in recent years, but a lot of our buyers travel through the North to get to Monaghan, Meath and Louth. This could put a stop to all that," said mart director Patsy Smith.

"We've heard all kinds of scaremongering this week, but it will take months to bed down as to what is really going to happen," he added.

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