Farm Ireland

Sunday 27 May 2018

Deadlock in the west

Martin Ryan

The confused situation on the selection of candidates for the IFA Western Regional Chairman position remains unresolved after another round of meetings.

The IFA Rules and Privileges Committee will meet this week to discuss the on-going deadlock, with no candidate receiving the backing of a second county. The IFA announced that no valid nomination was received at the close of nominations on Friday evening following the second round of county executive meetings.

The options likely to be considered by the committee include a process to select candidates from the nominees or allowing all five through to the ballot paper. Either option will require a rule change.

The five executives in the region each nominated the same candidate as previously proposed, Galway: Tom Turley; Mayo: Padraic Joyce; Sligo: Eddie Davitt; Roscommon: John O'Beirne; Leitrim: Des McHugh.

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