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Dairygold surveys suppliers on their milk production plans

Dairygold's 3,000 suppliers are being asked to complete a detailed survey which will outline their milk production plans up to 2016 and forecast supplies to 2020 and beyond.

Survey documents were sent out last week, with farmers being asked to complete them "as a matter of priority" and return them to the co-op before January 20.

The survey is part of Dairygold's ongoing assessment of its likely processing needs to the end of the decade and, particularly, once quotas are abolished in 2015.

A letter to suppliers stated: "In order for us (Dairygold) to complete our milk processing plans we need to know your plans and that is what this survey is designed to achieve and why it is so important."

The survey document asks each farmer whether they plan to stay in milk production or not and if they intend to increase output or not.

Suppliers must detail the total acreage of owned and rented land, and the acreage of both that is convenient to the milking parlour.

Milk suppliers are asked to forecast their projected supply in litres for the years 2012 to 2016. The survey also asks how many cows will be milked each year, the projected peak supply in May, and that peak supply as a percentage of overall supply.

Farmers are then asked to estimate, using the same format, their projected milk supply in 2020 and the maximum possible output for their farm.

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