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Why are New Yorkers drinking minty milk?


New Yorkers who can't get enough green stuff on St Patrick's Day will no doubt be delighted to be able to buy green milk this year.

An upstate New York dairy, Byrne Dairy, is producing mint milk that has a distinctive look at taste for this St Patrick's Day.

With a name like Byrne, it's no surprise that the dairy traces it roots back to Ireland - today's Byrne family is fifth generation Irish.

Ryan Elliott told that his grandfather could give back to the community and to show his strong pride in his ancestry.

"We started to receive calls as soon as January asking us when the green milk is going to come out. From March it's a product that many stores have trouble keeping in stock."

The Byrne Dairy Fresh Milk plant manager Joe Strong said the plant is averaging 8,500 gallons of mint milk a year and will run about 13,000 gallons in total.

The Irish mint milk starts off from farms within 35 miles of the plant, some sugar and mint flavouring is added and some dye to give it its 'Irish' colour.

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