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Sunday 21 January 2018

WATCH: This cow was dramatically airlifted to safety after falling into a water

That’s what you call a rescue

(Vigili del Fuoco/PA)
(Vigili del Fuoco/PA)

Georgia Humphreys

A cow flying through the air just isn’t something you see every day.

But that’s (kinda) what onlookers would have spotted after firefighters rushed to the rescue of a cow which had fell into a ravine in Italy.

The animal was unable to get itself out of the canyon, in the mountains near Verona, on Friday. But luckily, fire crews airlifted the cow to safety the very same day.

The Vigili del Fuoco – Italy’s fire and rescue service – shared their rather unusual day at work to their Twitter account… hoisting the cow up into the straps ready to be airlifted can’t have been easy.

The animal is said to be OK, other than a minor injury to one of its legs. So, fingers crossed it’s back in the pasture where it belongs as soon as possible.

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