New mattress to give home comforts to cows

Huber Technik cow mattress
Huber Technik cow mattress

Chris McCullough

German company Huber Technik is poised to launch a newly designed cow mattress at EuroTier which has a unique sealing structure at both ends of the top cover.

The HT 8GS Wings mattress consists of a thick foam mat which is totally enclosed in a transparent plastic sheet which is then covered over by a rubber top cover that has formed seals at both ends.

Measuring 8mm thick and 1.8m wide the top cover rolls out along the cubicles to cover the underlying foam, which is available in a thickness of either 30mm or 40mm. At the front and rear ends of the rubber top there is a thicker rubber seal moulded into the cover which acts as a sealant to prevent any liquid running under the mattress.

The top cover, which has a special grip on it, is fastened in place onto the concrete every 25cms which is adequate to hold the mattress in place.

A sprinkle of sawdust is advised on the top cover to keep it dry but even if it is wet, the grip prevents cows slipping and hurting themselves.

The recommended retail price for the new system is €68 per square metre for the 30mm foam mat option or €73 per square metre for the thicker 40mm option.

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