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Thursday 16 August 2018

LacPatrick Dairies cuts its milk price for March supplies

Co Monaghan farmer Tommy Wilkin with LacPatrick haulier Stephen McGuirk.
Co Monaghan farmer Tommy Wilkin with LacPatrick haulier Stephen McGuirk.
Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

The board of LacPatrick Dairies has set a price for March milk.

It announced on Friday night that it was setting a price of 25p/L (minus 2p/L on the February price) has been set for suppliers in Northern Ireland while suppliers in the Republic of Ireland will be paid 30.25c/L (minus 2.5c/L on the February price).

The decision comes on the back of continued weakness in the dairy markets, especially for powders, it says.

It comes after Lakeland Dairies and Glanbia cut their base milk price, but added support payments to hold the price for March milk supplies.

On the March milk price, Andrew McConkey chairman of LacPatrick Dairies said: “Making price cuts of any kind is always a difficult, difficult decision and a decision that is not made easily.

“We, as a board and a co-op, are very aware of the fact that the spring has been exceptionally tough on farmers with fodder shortages but we must ensure that the co-op remains in a strong financial position.

“The dairy markets have been exceptionally weak since the end of 2017 and the farmgate price since last October was well ahead of what was being returned from the market.

“However, it appears that we are entering the end of the current cycle of downward pressure on prices. We would hope that the very tentative signs of recovery in the markets will be rapid and that we can get back into a more positive position for all our farmers,” Andrew said.

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