Aurivo holds its April milk price

Aurivo CEO Aaron Forde
Aurivo CEO Aaron Forde

Aurivo today announced its April milk price, saying it will pay a base 30.5c/L - the same as for March milk.

However, it also said it would continue to closely monitor market developments and pay the maximum price consistent with market returns.

It comes after Dairygold and Kerry both announced a cut to their April milk price, a move that was criticised by the ICMSA.

Dairygold cut is April price in a move it said "is necessary to reflect dairy market returns."

However, ICMSA Dairy Committee Chairman Ger Quain said that Kerry suppliers are very angry with the decision by the Group to cut the price of milk for April Supplies by 0.5c/L and he said the decision was particularly reprehensible in light of the fact that current market indicators show that the prices on World, European and Irish markets had all strengthened in the last month as illustrated by the rebound of the Ornua PPI of half a cent per litre for April. 

“The Dutch Dairy Quotations showed prices above 33c/L for the month of April when averaging WMP, Butter and SMP, while the GDT has scored an impressive 11 consecutive positive results”, said Mr Quain, before noting that global milk supplies are actually falling with EU supplies stable.

“All market indicators - apart from concerns in relation to Brexit - are positive and how a half cent cut to 30.5cpl is inferred or derived from this current market is very hard to understand and is unjustified in ICMSA’s view.  This drop goes against all the indicators and the suppliers of Kerry have every right to ask what the basis for this cut is," he said.  

Glanbia and Lakeland Dairies both held their milk price for the month of April.

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